To be a center of excellence for sports and exercise science fully equipped with the best research, training and educational facilities.


To empower sportspeople with academic knowledge and skills while preparing them for the expanding international job market in the fitness industry, health, and wellness.


To be an alternative institution with programs tailored to the academic and training needs of our sportspeople. We would have the opportunity to equip them with knowledge and skills that promote sports, health, and wellness alongside the sdgs and the UN global health and wellness goals.

Specific Objectives:

  • Train coaches out of athletes, sports teachers, and medics who are interested in sports and recreation by equipping them with knowledge and skills through research and practical interaction.
  • Work with institutions, schools, and corporations to organize and run a countrywide sports mentor-ship and skill development programs that will raise awareness on the importance of organized sports and the health benefits of running.
  • Join the rest of the world in the promotion of health and wellness towards the fight against lifestyle-related diseases and ailments.

Immediate goals:

  • An On-line and distance training system.
  • A center of excellence in sports and exercise science employment opportunities to the people of this region.
  • Quality and affordable academic training to our students.
  • A countrywide needs assessment survey for sports and exercise science courses.

Long term goals:

  • Center of excellence in Kenya and affiliate campuses across East Africa.
  • Partnerships with international research institutions, Institutions of Higher learning and Sports and recreational bodies to help in the fulfillment of our goals.
  • Establish an anti-doping control and testing facility in partnerships with the authorities in charge.