Dealing with Injury

Injury is the resident evil in every athlete’s training and competition lifestyle. This is a demon expected at every stride and step you make in running. Its the carrier of the fruits of evil that include Self-doubt, Shame, anger, anxiety, frustrations, fear and depression. We shall approach this challenge alongside the following steps in a holistic manner.

  • Analyze what you feel about it
  • Deal with the situation
  • Research to understand the injury, cause and its frequency
  • Be positive and hopeful about it
  • Stay with people who encourage and support you
  • Adjust your training and running goals to shorter ones
  • Don’t leave the table to recover, maintain your fitness
  • Rest, take time off but with a with a leash!

This program will help strengthen you in body mind and spirit and you shall find the motivation and zeal to endure and finally overcome these injury related predicaments.

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