Achieving Your Maximum Potential

The journey to training to achieve your full potential is not a walk in the park. It begins with the identification of the distance you are good at with all factors influencing performance included.

We shall, together walk through this path step-by-step looking at the fundamental aspects that you need and how to do it alongside:-

  • Physiology – The size, built, fitness,  lungs and muscle strength will inform on what to leverage on when setting the foundations of your running.

Athletes are not equally built! So, the goals to be set will not apply uniformly to everybody or cannot be shared equally with another human.

  • Patience – The greatest achievement in running is a good season without injury!

This is because, athletics training is a repetitive process that can risk injury. Most of these injuries come and go and others may stay for a very long time! whenever this happens, The power of patience is put to test and many athletes have gone out of running completely due to injury which is the leading course of failed running carreers.

  • Discipline –  Athletes training for short, middle or long distances will not meet their full potential if they don’t put in the hours needed for training, nutrition, hydration and rest. This is a success recipe and repetitive pattern that can be  so demanding and require consistency and high levels of discipline. A committed athlete who belief in himself will definitely achieve maximum potential just like Eliud Kipchoge. He says, “never limit yourself for anything”.  This is a fight between success and failure where success is the ultimate goal. The mental aspect of running can never be spiked away.
  • Adjust – Training and competition is dynamic, it changes everyday and is why you must be fluid as n athlete. Listen to advise, read widely and research on your area of running. Seeking advise on training methods and even relocating to other favorable training places is important.  The way you train or compete as a beginner will change drastically and is why athletes who want to achieve their full potential must be ready to adjust at all times.

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