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Our Services

Come Coach with us.

Are you a coach and need to offer your services for a fee? Elite athletes are calling us looking for coaching advice, mentor-ship and training advice around marathon, Track and or Road races. Click Here to Sign up

Media production

We offer various kinds of media production services. We can provide the following services at a highly competitive rates.

  • TV & Video production
  • Websites
  • Brochures design & production
  • Literature, POS, stationary design & production
  • Branding and Marketing

IT & ICT Solutions In:

education, training, mentor ship, business development,
commodity trading, research, sports development, mentor ship and
training, media, marketing, construction and eco-services.

As a Unified Communications and product development company,
providing services across the east African Region was a deliberate
choice. We have acquired the licenses that allow us to operate a
cross all areas of our specialization.

Commodity trading:

Organic health foods production, Processing & marketing,
– Edible oil processing and marketing,
– Dairy products,
– Fruits and Nuts
– Vegetables, Spices and Herbs

Sports and Health

– Sports & Health consulting,
– Youth Mentoring and Skill development,
– Sports Education and Training,
– Corporate health and Wellness,
– Research

Education and Training

– Online education,
– Distance learning,
– Higher Education,

IT and ICT Support:

We have access to vital technological support services
and products for business integration and management.

These include latest IoT devices and its support systems.

  • Smart parking Solutions
  • Revenue collection systems for Hospitals,
  • County Revenue collection Systems
  • Institutional Management Systems
  • Web Design and Development
  • Branding & Marketing
  • Online Education
  • Wide Format Printing