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Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Excellent performance is determined by the level of preparation and expert input which aligns well-Kenya has come along to prove the concept. World leading media, sports and health researchers and even both local and international sports tourists are amazed by this phenomenon! Cognizant of Kenya as the hub of excellent performance and athletic prowess, The East African College of Sports and Exercise Science (EACSES) provides the answer to the challenge and the common question as to what really happens to our athletes when they retire!

We are fixing this with our concept of integrating academic and educational training into athletic training that:

  • Athletes study while training and running!
  • They study while traveling outside the country for international assignments.
  • They will continue their studies while off season.
  • They will happily, retire to a beautiful college degree or profession and find their athletics earnings still intact.
  • Coaches who are ready to take their careers to the next level will have a reason to smile too.

This is because of the approach we will apply to their training and mentor-ship. A highly Scientific, professional and data-driven Technics shall always be incorporated into the programs. A modern and precise curriculum which have been tested at other Sports Science and established institutions shall be applied and so, it will bring the best out of our already gifted trainers.

EACSES is and will be the first institute of higher learning that focuses on empowering Coaches and Athletes with Knowledge and Skills that can only be accrued outside East and central Africa. This institution shall in no doubt be the grand Jewel in Africa’s running region.  We have given us another opportunity to be a leader in not only athletic performance but also Sports education, Training, recreation, talent development, and mentor-ship.

We look forward to working with both local and international partners who have the same vision and share in our dream. We need finances and mentoring in business at every step of our development. We have set up this Institution not for us alone but for a community who want the best and the very best of life for our athletes, coaches, and health workers.

The support we are looking for is in areas; curriculum development, faculty and institutional licensing and the physical infrastructure.