Jambo na Karibu!

“Find that inner-peace and approach your running with a positive, powerful mindset, just like a pro.”

Let’s re-discover that strong foundation in athletics training packed with clear, precise goals and objectives accompanied with powerful strategies to get you onto the podium. As a former high-performance athlete, I can imagine what you may be struggling with right now; look into the following challenges and get back to me as soon as possible.

As a former professional runner and now a professional coach, I know and have developed a system for training that helps eradicate pain, distraction and elevate your training power to unimaginable levels. My methods will help you overcome most of those challenges and open up ways to access a support system throughout your career. The system is intuitive and modeled around mastering the frequency of your running strides and the sound of your steps.

We will tackle this training in three main parts.  Click Here to Begin.

Listen to your Steps!