Testimonials · November 19, 2021 1

Improved Training within a month!

– Scott Ickes , USA Masters Athlete training the Stadium in Kapsabet Town, Kenya EA –

“As a former NCAA division one track and field and cross country athlete, returning to competitive running in my 30s was a daunting enterprise. Although I have maintained my fitness for the last decade, I had not pushed myself in training or competed in many races at a high-level.

Working with Coach Meshack Sang of Kenya has made my running come alive again. Meshack’s training plans are challenging yet clear and he is always available for communication, troubleshooting, encouragement, and feedback. I found his motivation to be the most encouraging part of working with him. In the six months that we’ve worked together I was able to achieve new levels of training. These have translated into race performances that I would not have otherwise expected possible at my age.”

“Coach Meshack has a strong understanding of training Science and blends this with a simple, competitive attitude to training and racing. His affordable pricing also makes it easy for  non sponsored athletes to receive world class coaching. Plus, he is conversant across cultures- a real plus for an American living in Kenya.”  testimony by Scott  – USA