Training Tips · September 20, 2021 0

Sample weekly workouts

… how you can improve your PB within 6 weeks

Off season!

This program applies to any endurance track athletes from 800m -1000m, its designed to take place 6-10 weeks before competition. A typical environmental setup is High Altitude. Athletes do longer workouts above 8x1000m 3 times weekly and Rest one day a week. A long run more than 2hrs is at the end of the week before rest day and above 1:20minutes mid-week.  The workouts are done on track and dirt roads, all asphalt must be avoided.

Sample Training Plan for 5000m

MondayLong Run 40minutesProgressive with a fast in the last 15minutes
Tuesday40 minutes 15 X 400m 40 minutesMaximum effort, maintaining constant pace.

Goal is to complete the 15 repeats
Wednesday1hr 40 minutes
80% effort
Race pace!
Thursday55 minutes Hill repeats sprint 40 minutes100% effort
FridayDiagonals, Use soccer field. Maintain a long comfortable stride 50% effort
Satturday55 minutes 40minutes40minutesRecord your time
And check Heart rate, compare with the previous weeks data.

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