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“Use this system to find that inner peace and approach your running with a positive, powerful mindset, just like a pro.” It will help you to re-discover that strong foundation in athletics training packed with clear, precise goals, objectives, and is accompanied by powerful strategies to get you a personal best and or bring you back to the podium.

Here are a few areas that the program cover.

  • Getting into shape
  • Achieving your maximum potential
  • Dealing with an injury
  • Lack of proper training facilities
  • The necessary financial support or sponsorships, and
  • Properly planning effective workouts

The listen-to-your-steps methods will help you to overcome most of those challenges and open up ways to access a support system throughout your career. Its is intuitive and modelled around mastering the frequency of your running strides, cadence and sound of the stamping of your feet.

The more you learn to listen to your steps the easier it becomes to calculate and leverage on the energy reserves in your body.

“Working with Coach Meshack Sang of Kenya has made my running come alive again. I found his motivation to be the most encouraging part of working with him. In the six months that we’ve worked together I was able to achieve new levels of training.”

Join other successful athletes from around the world who have re-ignited their passion for running, empowered their drive, and fueled their success.

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